eric pyka

About Eric

I was born and raised in California, and I was subjected to a lot of life’s harsh realities. I moved away from home and a parent with drug abuse when I was 16. I held various jobs until I found a career in banking. In 1999, I married my wife, Shelly and set out to support her dream of teaching. That dream took us to Oregon in 2002. After Shelly was established with her position at Wilson Elementary, I was encouraged and motivated to become a teacher as well. 

I’ve been teaching for several years at Kennedy. I also love to coach, which was another reason I became a teacher. I’ve coached youth sports and high school sports. More recently, my own experiences have pushed me into being an advocate for my self and now for my fellow members. I’m encouraged by the passion of my fellow teachers in the district and I hope to keep that going. 

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