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MEA Executive Board




President: Troy Pomeroy

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When to contact: contract questions, general Association questions, media outreach, HR issues, representation, and anything not handled by one of the people below.

Vice President: Jessica Fitzsimmons

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When to contact: Sick Leave Bank and Admin Survey Questions

Secretary: Ashleigh Brown

When to contact: Documents, resources, minutes, agendas

Treasurer: Tim Karrick

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When to contact: Budget and/or expense questions, and scholarship drive/donations

Organizing Chair: Jaci Jamison 

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When to contact: Events, Activities, Angel Squad, Membership questions

Other Members of Union to Contact

Grievance - Paul Cynar

When to contact:  any contract questions or building issues not handled by Building Rep

Communications - Haley Martin-Sherman and Jessica Bangma

When to contact:  all media (Facebook, Twitter, website, newsletter, archived news)

Building Rep. - varies by building

When to contact:  first point of contact for all questions

Uniserv Consultant - Daniel Burdis

When to contact:  contract/legal issues, OEA questions, anything not handled by one of the above people

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Still not sure who to contact?  Click here to email us and we will make sure it gets to the right person!

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