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troy Pomeroy

About Troy

I have lived in Southern Oregon my whole life.  I married a local girl and we have been married nearly 30 years.  Together we raised 3 boys who we are

very proud of.  When I am not teaching or doing MEA work, I enjoy travelling, woodworking, and spending time with my family in any way I can.  Several years ago, I also undertook a minor transformation in that I lost 30 or so pounds and developed a love of running.  Nothing serious - just regular exercise that makes me feel much better. Or as I am known to say - Gooder.  I highly recommend it to anyone.   More recently, my wife and I got certified in SCUBA diving and enjoy going to tropical places to enjoy that sport.


My teaching career began in 1990 when I was hired to teach math at Hedrick Middle School. I have been teaching the same subject in the same building ever since! I guess you could say I am consistent.  Some people think middle school teachers are crazy.  I think we're fun.  It's the only job that pays you to act 13 all day - so it fits me well.  I like to say that I teach kids.  And on a good day I teach math.  Although we all enjoy our subject or grade level, it's rarely that love that draws us to teaching,   It is about the student, not the subject.  And I firmly believe that students are much more than test scores.


I got involved with the union some time back when I decided rather than complain, I would be an agent of change.  So I joined the Bargaining Team. Little did I know that would be the year we had the most contentious bargain in history, including a strike.  Through these tough times, I met some amazing people and got to know more about what our union does for teachers.  One thing led to another, and here I find myself humbly serving as President.  My passion for union work stems from a strong belief in teachers and a desire to advocate for us.  That is where my interest will always lie.  But I am finding that to make that happen, there are bigger issues at hand.  So I am learning how to connect with the larger part of our union, even nationally.  This role is at once challenging and rewarding and I am blessed to be surrounded with an incredible team. 

Contact when...

There are contract questions, general Association questions, media outreach, HR issues, representation, and anything not handled by your building rep or other Executive Board Members.

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