lynne cavin

About Lynne

I have been involved in local, state, and national Association activities from my very first year as an educator. Over the last 18 years, I served as Jewell Education Association (JEA) president for 11 years, JEA past president for three years, and Medford Education Association (MEA) Treasurer for the last two years. 


Despite serving in a smaller local for 14 years, I bring diverse background experience due to opportunities to work closely with talented and experienced Uniserve consultants, dealing closely with complex district issues, and seeking additional OEA leadership and OEA Cadre training. 


Additionally, as an Association leader, I organized teacher and community support during crucial school board elections; I successfully negotiated four contracts for my own local; and, as an OEA Cadre member, I successfully negotiated a stronger contract between a neighboring local and their once-contentious school board in three bargaining sessions. 


During my teaching career, I have seen educators fall under increasing attack from social, political and administrative pressures. We need strong Association leadership and membership to support our teachers in their profession, and our students in their learning.

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