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About Ashleigh

I grew up in the bay area and moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2002 for college, where I attended University of Oregon for my undergraduate degree in English. (My parents were stumped as to why I needed to attend an out-of-state school for such a standard degree, but I am thankful they provided me the opportunity because the rest of my life would center around this beautiful state.) I continued at Oregon to complete my Masters degree in Middle and Secondary Education. In 2007, I accepted the first job I was offered, at Hedrick Middle School in Medford, a city to which I had never been. I have been teaching 8th grade English at Hedrick for 13 years now, and have loved the staff and students here from the beginning. I believe that being an educator is my calling, and I have truly found my niche in the 8th grade. They say you have to be a little quirky to teach middle school, so I feel I fit the bill! Soon after I began teaching, I met my husband and we were married in 2011. A couple years later, we welcomed our first baby boy, and almost exactly two years after that, a baby girl. As my son entered Medford schools in 2018, I became not only a teacher in the district, but a parent. I felt a growing urge to serve our staff in a meaningful way, and fortunately the job of MEA secretary opened up at the perfect time. I am honored to be able to raise children in this district, teach teens in this district, and represent the teachers in this district. 

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You have questions/concerns/comments about documents, resources, minutes, agendas.

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